Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist
My love for cosmetology began in the Dominican Republic. I was fascinated by the neighborhood women who would dress up all of the time. Hair perfect, not one strand out of place. Makeup flawless and nails beautifully painted. I was just in awe of them.

As a teenager, I became the neighborhood stylist. I had willing guinea pigs. My babysitter, the housekeeper, my friends and family members would all take a turn at salon Evelyn. My aunt who was also a cosmetologist had always encouraged me to attend beauty school.

When I moved to New York, I jumped at the opportunity to attend cosmetology school. That is where I met Debbie who asked me if I was interested in joining her team when I completed the program. I have been with My Hair & Makeup ever since.

Deborah A. Caraballoso
Claudia A. Caraballoso
Evelyn Mota