Ethnic Hair and Skin for Women of Color. This Workshop gives in-depth analysis of ethnic hair and skin and introduces students to the skill set needed for ethnic hair styling and makeup application.
Textured hair will be targeted which ranges from naturally kinky (chemical free) to wavy hair.  Students will be introduced to techniques that temporarily straighten curly hair which then allows the hair to be styled.  Hair composition will be analyzed and styling products that work best with different hair types will be introduced.

The Skin Analysis segment of the Workshop will cover textured skin, pigmentation and application of color theory to skin tones and undertones.

Students will have the ability for hands-on application and learn how to translate hair and makeup theory into reality on a model. 

Following the hands-on segment there will be a short photo shoot with professional photographers to help build your portfolio.

Class size is restricted so that all students receive one-on-one attention.

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